Challoner Model C-900 C-900-PR 4ft. Double End Tenoner/Panel Raiser, 4 Stations   Our stock number: 12883

Preliminary Specifications - Subjects to Verification

Four Stations
1st trim Saw non-tilt 7-1/2HP
2nd pilot cutter edger 2HP
3rd RH Vertical spindle panel riser 10 HP
4th LH Vertical spindle panel riser 10 HP
variable feed 20-80 FPM
2HP motorized opening 8" - 48" *

Top pressure belt hold down

-58" load infeed in front of dogs beam chain 148-1/2" long.

-Control panel, sound enclosure. Includes some tooling, including

Insert knife heads from Great Lakes Custom Tooling.

Dimensions: 120" L X 96" W X 72" H.

Estimated Weight: 15,000#

15,000 lbs.

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